Christmas Food

This year,  Christmas has been an opportunity to eat and drink for me. I have to admit,  I’ve enjoyed the Christmas food with relish.  Here are a few pictures of what I’ve sampled over the last few weeks: Mulled Wine (The Embankment Hotel,  Bedford) Butternut and Squash Soup (The Swan, Salford) Turkey (of course!) Raspberry Sorbet Cherry and Chocolate Torte I’m very excited to see what my adventures in food will be in 2015! Continue reading Christmas Food

Festive Drinks

One of the fun things about Christmas is trying out the many festive options that the major coffee chains offer. Luckily,  I work just above a Starbucks so this gives me a good opportunity to sample what they provide. Starbucks’ Christmas drinks come in their famous red cups, which caused excitement in the office when they turned up again this year. Amongst the options is their Egg Nog Latte, which my colleague loves.  I have tried out a few, including the Toffee Nut Latte, which to me was a disappointment as it was nothing special.  I have also had the … Continue reading Festive Drinks

Christmas Markets

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to two Christmas fairs, the Mill Street Winter Fair in Cambridge and Winter Wonderland in London. The fair in Mill Street was excellent for those who love their food, with stalls along the road selling cuisine from all over the world. I ate a fajita style lunch with chicken enclosed, which was delicious. The fair offered all kinds of goodies to choose from: My friend enjoyed some waffles with chocolate sauce and nuts which of course I shared: And to finish it off, we had some Mulled Cider. Winter Wonderland also had … Continue reading Christmas Markets