Scrambled Eggs and English Muffin

The title says it all. I love breakfast. I especially like going out for breakfast. And I especially like breakfast when it’s not cereal (no offence to cereal). The Hide in Ampthill (near my parents) is a little cafe that does great food. This breakfast was ideal after a run- it really helped restore my… Continue reading Scrambled Eggs and English Muffin

Mango and Banana Smoothie (with a hint of pineapple!)

  I made this rather delicious smoothie today. Unfortunately, I was unable to find straight- up mango so was forced to add some pineapple. I don’t think it had a huge effect on the flavour though. Here is the recipe (courtesy of Serves: 2 1 banana 80g mango pieces 100g natural yoghurt 125ml orange… Continue reading Mango and Banana Smoothie (with a hint of pineapple!)