Ice Cream Sandwich 

I loved unwrapping this parcel… Salted Caramel Icecream Sandwich- Tonkotsu/ Happyendingsldn

Comforting Ramen

I think this was the restaurant’s Soho Ramen. Tonkotsu, Soho. There are lots of branches of Tonkotsu scattered around London. Check out my review of Tonkotsu for Weekend Notes here:

Feeling Festive 

Layla and I decided to get in the mood for Christmas today! Lola’s Cupcakes, St. Pancras

Tempura Prawns

A few weeks ago,  I visited Hyper Japan,  a festival of all things Japanese,  taking place at the O2 arena,  Greenwich.  One of the great things to do there is experience Japanese cuisine,  hence we sampled the above Tempura prawns and noodles.

Time for dessert

I went to a party a few weeks ago, where the desserts were set on fire. It was really spectacular. The Swan Restaurant at the Globe Theatre,  London


Frozen yoghurt courtesy of Yoomoo yoghurt bar. I think I’ve found my new addiction.

Pho Ga

Chicken Noodle Soup- a Vietnamese speciality- for lunch. Pho Restaurant, Westfield,  Stratford

Vantra Vitro

Vantra Vitro is a small restaurant nestled along Oxford Street in London,  specialising in healthy food.  Everything is vegan which is why a group of us ended up there for my vegan friend Anna’ s birthday last weekend. The restaurant doesn’t sell alcohol so I drank Elderflower water instead (somebody tried the Mangoade). The food…

New Fook Lam Moon, Chinatown

I enjoyed this wonderful Chinese meal last weekend- chicken with beansprouts and egg- fried rice.  It was unexpectedly really tasty. Recommended.