French Pastries 

Pain au chocolat and latte Could pre-Christmas coffee and pastries with friends be any more decadent? Delices, Bedford


My birthday feels so long ago now. As part of my celebrations, I sampled some Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Sorbet. I think raspberry and chocolate have to be one of my favourite food combos.


I’m sure Kat over at Mum for Fun wouldn’t mind me posting a picture of her slice of cheesecake on here: I was much more healthy with my choice but it wasn’t as fun 😦

Brownie and Icecream

It’s Friday! Which is a perfect excuse to post this lovely photo of a brownie and icecream. Hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂

Time for dessert

I went to a party a few weeks ago, where the desserts were set on fire. It was really spectacular. The Swan Restaurant at the Globe Theatre,  London

Afternoon Tea

I absolutely adore afternoon tea. As a tea drinker, I love the idea of eating cakes and sandwiches alongside my cuppa. Yesterday I had the pleasure of enjoying afternoon tea at the Woburn Hotel, alongside my Mum. It was her birthday 🙂 The Woburn Hotel, Woburn


It is this blog’s second birthday today. I can’t quite believe where the time has gone.  What was initially a simple excuse for me to instagram pictures of my food has grown into a full scale blog.  Thank you to everyone who reads and follows my blog and likes my posts.  It makes me so…

Chocolate Torte

My desire to eat healthily was going so well (it really wasn’t) until I ran into this. Needless to say I gave in! The Flying Fox,  Woburn