It’s cold outside…

But I warmed up with this chocolate and caramel slice 🙂 Shipley Garden Centre, Ilkeston


My friend Sophie had this amazing goulash last week which I had to photograph! Fox’s Café, Nottingham

Just a light bite

We managed to cheer up Monday by devouring this meat platter.  Unfortunately,  the wasps wanted it too but we managed to protect our goodies from them! The Bell,  Westoning

Brownie and Icecream

It’s Friday! Which is a perfect excuse to post this lovely photo of a brownie and icecream. Hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂

Brownie Hot Chocolate

I’ve been dealing with a serious case of January Blues recently so I needed one of Costa’s seasonal drinks to perk me up.  It did the trick.

Christmas Food

This year,  Christmas has been an opportunity to eat and drink for me. I have to admit,  I’ve enjoyed the Christmas food with relish.  Here are a few pictures of what I’ve sampled over the last few weeks: Mulled Wine (The Embankment Hotel,  Bedford) Butternut and Squash Soup (The Swan, Salford) Turkey (of course!) Raspberry…

Luscious Chocolate Cake

I managed to find time for this piece of loveliness this weekend: It was delicious and very moist.


It’s my birthday today 🙂 In celebration,  I have posted a photo of a cake that a customer gave to a colleague a few weeks ago. The cake was made out of Kitkats, Smarties and Rolos. It was amazing!


A few weeks ago, I went to Glastonbury festival.  As well as it being a good opportunity for live music, fun and drinking,  there was also plenty of food! We spent a lot of time going from meal to meal. I couldn’t take many photos of my food as my phone ran out of battery…