Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Today it was lovely weather so my friend Katie and I went to Ampthill for a walk. It was the perfect opportunity to try the Magnum Infinity ice cream, which was a mixture of chocolate and caramel. It was not as good as the usual Magnum in my opinion but still enjoyable. It was also…

Argentinian Steak Sandwich

And these things, I can’t remember what they’re called, sorry: Courtesy of Portena, Field Day festival, London

Medallions of Pork

With mashed potatoes My friend had the steak: And for pudding she had the Banana Split: Coal Bar and Grill, Milton Keynes


Last week I paid a visit to Wagamama’s with my friend Emma. I was trying to avoid meat that day so chose the Yasai Katsu Curry. It was absolutely delicious, highly recommended even for a meal eater. It was also a good reminder than there are many non-meat alternatives in chain restaurants out there. Emma…

Easter Chocolate

Today I decided to get my Easter chocolate fix by trying out the Belgian Hot Chocolate at Costa Coffee. It was delicious and very chocolatey, much more than their usual hot chocolate: Happy Easter!