Four great dishes to try in New York City

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit New York. It was my second visit,  the first being in 2006 and it was every bit as amazing as I remembered. New York is a city of colour, life and glitz. It is also a fantastic place for a foodie to visit as there…

Chocolate Torte

My desire to eat healthily was going so well (it really wasn’t) until I ran into this. Needless to say I gave in! The Flying Fox,  Woburn


Frozen yoghurt courtesy of Yoomoo yoghurt bar. I think I’ve found my new addiction.

Brownie Hot Chocolate

I’ve been dealing with a serious case of January Blues recently so I needed one of Costa’s seasonal drinks to perk me up.  It did the trick.

Christmas Food

This year,  Christmas has been an opportunity to eat and drink for me. I have to admit,  I’ve enjoyed the Christmas food with relish.  Here are a few pictures of what I’ve sampled over the last few weeks: Mulled Wine (The Embankment Hotel,  Bedford) Butternut and Squash Soup (The Swan, Salford) Turkey (of course!) Raspberry…

Christmas Markets

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to two Christmas fairs, the Mill Street Winter Fair in Cambridge and Winter Wonderland in London. The fair in Mill Street was excellent for those who love their food, with stalls along the road selling cuisine from all over the world. I ate a fajita style lunch…

Luscious Chocolate Cake

I managed to find time for this piece of loveliness this weekend: It was delicious and very moist.

On a cold November day…

Enjoy some coffee cake and hot chocolate. My friend Katie had the first Christmas cake of the season: The Coffee Pot, Ampthill. Happy Sunday!